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Made Easy

/ˈmeɪd//ˈiːzi/ (adjective)

Having issues getting concrete in Knoxville?

Our founders were too, so they decided to start their own concrete supply company aimed at getting poured concrete to you more easily in the quantities you need... when you need it.

Made Easy Concrete uses volumetric cement trucks, which allows you maximum flexibility in amounts and mixes of concrete.

Only need five yards? Totally fine! Need fifty yards? We can do that, too!

From dispatch to delivery, we make ordering concrete simple and easy.

The concrete should be hard—not the process!

Why volumetric concrete?

"Pay for what you use." Nobody likes waste, which is why Made Easy Concrete makes sense. Mixed on-site by our specialty trucks, you receive the exact amount of concrete required for your job, and not a drop more.

But there are many more reasons why volumetric mixing makes sense. Blends can be adjusted for different aspects of your project without the need to order two different batched mixing trucks.

We're here to answer your questions.

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Made Easy Concrete infographic describing the benefits of volumetric concrete.


Because volumetric concrete mixing is produced on the jobsite, we are able to serve a large area in East Tennessee. Knox County and surrounding counties are considered within a good range.

As a locally-owned East Tennessee company, Made Easy Concrete is here to serve you with quality materials at competitive pricing, with the added convenience of working with such a flexible concrete delivery method.

From small pools and pathways to large foundations and complex commercial projects, we are here to provide solutions to your concrete needs. Read more about the types of projects best suited for volumetric mixing.

Concrete Applications


Volumetric mixers batch, measure, mix and dispense all from one truck.
Volumetric concrete mixers produce exactly the amount of concrete needed when it is needed at any time.

Eliminate Risk

No risk of premature stiffening of concrete if delays are encountered.

No Waste

Mixed on-site to the exact quantity needed. Perfect for LEED certification.

Night Owls Welcome

We can schedule concrete deliveries around the clock, 24/7.

Multiple Batches

Alternate between different concrete mixes from the same truck.

Keep It Coming

Flexibility to do continuous concrete pours any time of day.

Priced Perfectly

You're only charged for the amount of materials used for your job.

Spray WorK

Volumetric concrete is the ideal source for shotcrete and gunite work.

Go the Distance

Because there's no risk of premature setting, we can reach remote places with ease.


"Nick and Mary are always great to work with when ordering concrete. Mixing the concrete on site has made things easier, or 'Made Easy', for us and our crew. Thank you!" —Brian R.

"Far exceeded my family's expectations! Would recommend for any future projects. So easy to work with." —Jason W.

"I can’t speak highly enough of Made Easy Concrete. They regularly supply my partner’s concrete company in a timely and professional manner. Nick and Mary are a delight and we feel fortunate to work with them." —Olivia W.

"Very professional. Excellent mix. Easy to use." —Tricia F.

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